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Running Recovery?

Running Recovery is devoted to providing you with information on how to recover better and faster after long runs. We at running recovery understand that running is tough on the body and mind. Running Recovery is to serve as a guide to those runners looking to improve their times and overall runs. We have a simple philosophy at Running Recovery. Increased recovery allows you to train and run harder, which equals improved times.

Food and Nutrition for Running Recovery

Running recovery very much depends on proper sleep and nutrition. Hard, long runs take a toll on your body. In order to effectively recover after a long run, it needs to be given the proper fuel to recover. While each runner has their own running recovery meal immediately after running, they commonly involved protein and simple sugars, such as a chocolate milk with a scoop of protein and a piece of fruit on the side. Drinking ample water is essential. After about one hour, a meal of protein, complex carbs, and health fats in order for optimal running recovery.

Color Water & Running Recovery

There is evidence in the running community that hosing down your legs with cold water / ice after a long run may help to reduce fluid build-up. Make sure if you try this strategy for running recovery that the water is not too cold, as you want to make sure you avoid any ice burns.

Compression for Running Recovery?

Most runners are familiar with R.I.C.E.. Many runners, however, have not added compression apparel to their running workouts. Running causes the feet to swell. Blood and oxygen flow is reduced. This causes fatigue when running. Using compression leg sleeves or compression socks aids in increasing blood flow in legs while running, thus helping to combat fatigue.

Compression may also be used both prior to running and after running. Using compression post running allows for increased recovery. The sooner you are able to recover, the sooner you are able to go running again.

What does Compression look like?

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Who do we recommend for compression apparel for running recovery?

We at Running Recovery recommend starting your search for running recovery at Zensah Compression Apparel. They have a very diverse product selection and numerous articles concerning the importance of compression for running recovery.